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Providing a platform for all artist Notebook  Assassins opens the stage to all. Sign up and let us hear you at the beginning of the show. Come prepared with your performance material on Flash Drive or phone on Do Not Disturbed. Stay mind of time and keep performance to 4 minute minimum unless given otherwise. DO NOT DISRESPECT THE MIC!

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Live Music, Poetry, Art and more! Creating a place where art can roam free and artist and listeners can find healing. Enjoy the true culture of Shreveport/Bossier while being a driving a force to keep it growing. 

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Poetry House Open Mic



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The Poetry House Open Mic Feature


Encouraged by his mother, the Louisiana native attended a performing arts school when he was younger and attributes the experience to his ability to communicate effectively in any environment. Over a decade later SaeLah is now a poet/lyricist, author, songwriter, musician, actor and motivational speaker.

                     The Poetry House Open Mic Feature

                                     D.K Vintage

She grew up in a musical family. Her Mother and Father, both singers and musicians, cultivated her gifts. Her Grandmother put her in the children's choir at her church when she was five 5yrs old. This is when she first fell in love with music. In the services she saw music's powerful ability to make people feel something. It seemed people listen and understood her better when she would sing. Singing then became her favorite way to express herself. Throughout the years singing has taken her places, put her on stages/tv screens, and introduced her to people she would never have fathomed.

Poetry House Open Mic

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Purchase your tickets for The Poetry  House | Open Mic. Come End your Saturday Night  with us as we prepare for what the new year has to come.

Poetry House Open Mic

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Purchase your tickets for The Poetry House | Open Mic. Come End your Saturday Night with us as we prepare for what the new year has to come and bring your friends.


Testimonial from our client

It made me feel like I was looking at a show through my third eye...I felt like every artist left their all on the stage....I was so appreciative that they shared that with me.

-Ariel Lathon

Testimonial from our client

Notebook Assassins is a platform for artist to express themselves in the purest form.

- DK Vintage


Regrettably Yours

By: Saelah

Official video/film short for SaeLah's "Regrettably Yours" piece. Shot/directed/edited by Kristi Woodard for Mahogani Media, starring SaeLah, Myldred Elle, and Jay Ward.


By: DK Vintage

When the only way to talk to God is to sing out loud!


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